Thursday, 27 October 2016


Okay people, I've got the blog bug.

All the ideas...

I've got a lot on my minds and a lot of ideas and I want to write them out, I want to share and talk about all the things that we love. So I wanted to ask you, yes you. What do you want me to write about? What should we talk about? Now this could be just about anything and everything, video games we love or even political issues that need to be addressed, because that is important as well. Be happy, but also be aware of the world around you. Do we want to look at and review some more comics? With me thinning out my collection, I would be looking at the best comics in my collection and some great new comic books from independent creators that you need to be reading. And trust me you, there are plenty of books I would love to recommend. I also wanted to talk Magic: The Gathering with all of you, I want to share my Commander decks, Cube ideas, Puca Trades or anything else that comes to mind about our favourite trading card game. And speaking of games, do you want to talk video games? I've been on a big retro gaming trip, especially Nintendo 64 and the original PlayStation. Basically anything is on the table, I just want to know what you want to read.

Also I wanted to use this space to talk and promote other people who are doing some great work and need to be seen. I know a lot of people who are working really hard and deserve to get a lot of attention and views. And if you know someone or are someone who wants to promote new work, by all means let me know. 

So there you have it Storm Clouds, I need your help and suggestions! Leave a comment below, on Facebook or contact me on Twitter @ChileanStorm or even an email, I want to hear from you. Also it should be noted as well that me and my bestie, Toby Medeiros (@TeaEmComics) are working on a very cool new project...keep your ears open. 

Are you ready...?

Until then, keep chasing the Storm.