Monday, 6 April 2015

Does Whatever a Gwen Does..

There is little to no reason why you shouldn't be reading Spider-Gwen. It is really everything and more that you have been hearing, this is going to be one of the biggest series of the year, and it is only getting started. During the massive Spider-verse event which saw Spider-men and women from various different universes coming together to fight a threat that could have seen an end to every Spider hero in existence. One of these heroes, a Spider-Women whose true identity was Gwen Stacy, who of course in the known 616 universe had been tragically killed. In her world, the spider gave her the powers and it was Peter Parker who was killed. But as you go into the Spider-Gwen world, you will find a lot of familiar faces taking over some new roles. The brand new twist is quite possibly the best part of our new heroine, because similar powers don't mean same responsibilities.  

Forget everything you think you know about Gwen Stacy, because this a whole new and kick ass Stacy. She is able to beat up and make fun of her opponent just like any good Spider-man, she is also a drummer in her own underground rock band (in New York which is kind of a big deal), but still the daughter of the chief NYPD detective, George Stacy. So while trying to manage and dodge around her own social life, she has to deal with dangers like the Kingpin and Matt Murdock (that's right my boy DD is a villain in this world, like Shadowland all over again). Did I mention the Vulture? He is first up to make sure Spider Gwen stays down as a one hit wonder, surprisingly or perhaps not, the Vulture is just like the old cranky bird we know in this world. Though Gwen puts up a good fight, we end the fight on a cliffhanger...or a falling from the sky at high speeds hanger. 

But to sum things up as far as the book goes, it keeps the same tone and high energy that we got from Edge of Spider-verse issue 2, from the same creative team of writer, Jason Latour and artist, Robbi Rodriguez  we get back into this world and are ready to expand and grow, which is a really fresh approach to old concepts and ideas. This is a world you want to see more of, and with each issue that comes out, I can't wait to see the different changes all our favourite Marvel characters have taken. I can't stress this out enough, this is a book everyone should be reading. For long time comic book fans, you get a new look at the classics and the familiar and for new readers, it is a great book to add to your growing collections. Anyone who is too pig headed to pick this book up for whatever silly reason or insecurity you have, well you probably don't enjoy much in general. Seriously though get the steel rod out your butt and enjoy all comics out there. 

But like any book it isn't without a few flaws and hiccups, even a perfect book you want to find something wrong if only to be fair. I guess off the bat, I would suggest getting the Edge of Spider-verse issues, gives you more meat on the world building plate, but you can survive the story without it. Another thing is though, I am curious on how much time Marvel is going to give this series, because with Secret Wars coming up, the aftermath is anyone's guess. And to be honest half the fun of this series is seeing this alternative universe at play, so saving Spider-Gwen only to have her in 616, wouldn't be as much fun. Although, having her react to a guy like Daredevil here would be a fun misunderstanding fight for sure. Regardless I hope this book gets a long healthy life span, it would be sad to see it go after 12 issues, which has been the case for a quite a few series so far. Don't let the fans down Marvel. 

So should you be reading this book? Hells yes! It's funny, it's got action and a whole new world to explore. And now is the best time to get on board, the series is just three issues in, plenty of time to catch up on the story so far. But as always I am all ears to all opinions, comments and gushing, though I highly suggest we just gush and jump for joy over Spider-Gwen. But as always follow me here on this blog or over at Twitter (@ChileanStorm in case you didn't know) and be sure to come back for more comic book blogs, until then keep chasing the storm!