Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Beat Rush

Something awesome is coming to a GTA comic book store near you. Imagine a newspaper that is part zine, part comic collection and whole lot of creativity. Welcome to Beat Rush! And with the launch event coming up this Friday and Saturday, it is guaranteed to be a Good Friday and Better Saturday. So if you are not into any of the religious stuff, come and check out the launch of this brand new comic experience at either of these great events in the heart of down town Toronto. 

The first of the two events taking place on Friday at the Silver Snail comic book shop at Yonge and Dundas. The event will take place at 5:00 and will go on until 8:00 PM roughly, but a lot of the artist who worked on several of the comics will be on hand as well. So come, get yourself a copy or two and be sure to pick up plenty of comics while you are there, Snail has a great collection of back issues, variants and a massive collection of different toys and figures. Don't forget to grab a coffee or a latte as well at the Black Canary cafe. 

The second event is taking place on Saturday over at A&C Games at Spadina and College, from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM. This event will have a beat em up game theme going with it, so that means all those old school classics like Final Fight and Double Dragon. I am more of a fighting game guy myself, but you know those games are pretty fun as well. Hopefully they have some Street Fighter II over there as well. If you have never been to A&C Games, it is the absolute collectors store as far as video games go, they have a massive treasure cove of classic games and consoles. So if you are looking for the copy of say...Gex 64, they probably have a copy or two. 

And most importantly, friends from around the world and outside of Toronto, you can check out plenty of Beat Rush over at their Facebook Page and also at their Homepage. Give them a follow and plenty of love, these guys are working away everyday.

So will I see you there this weekend? Maybe talk some comics over at Silver Snail or perhaps will play a few rounds of Captain Commando? Which ever event you choose, be sure to bring a toonie and pick up your copy of Beat Rush as well! I am looking forward to this weekend and I will see you there, until then, keep chasing the storm!