Wednesday, 4 February 2015


You know high hopes and Toronto go hand in hand, every Fall and every Spring it happens. A team in blue, either the Maple Leafs in the fall or the Blue Jays in the spring will fill our hearts with hope. This is the year we do it, this is the year we get back into the playoffs, when we become contenders. And for sometime now, we've been disappointed. Hey, don't get me wrong here, I remember when the Leafs were a hockey team and they made some great playoff memories and runs. It is also impossible for me to forget 93' World Series and the magic of Joe Carter's homerun. You wouldn't be able to sell hope without these memories. So yeah, what does this have to do with comics? Well, for me, it was hope that AXIS wouldn't be such a massive 9-part mess of a let down. And trust me, I wanted to like this one, a lot. Hell, my review of the first issue was a pretty positive one, I had no idea what the hell was going to go down and how. But let's start from the beginning, why the hope? Well when you have a massive casts of comic book characters coming together it should always be a good time, isn't that the case with all the cross over events? Though for me, it was a little bit more.

The idea of X-Men and Avengers coming together is a beautiful dream team, my hopes for Uncanny Avengers was so high! Because I remember Captain America pointing out at the end of AVX, that they did have to do more to help out the mutants. For so long we had both teams, but both doing there own thing and rarely teaming up, so I was all for it. But man, if one of the things I really ended up hating about the Uncanny Avengers series, is that it felt really boring. How does that even happen? The team seemed really dull and colourless, especially compared to the flare and excitement that was the All-New X-Factor team. And it's funny but I think the Uncanny team could have used Gambit. I felt like Scarlet Witch was there for mainly plot device, so she could be used to do something terrible and awful...again. I would have rather seen her spend time with her kids, Speed and Wiccan. I loved seeing her and Polaris in issue 14 of ANXF, going out and kicking ass together. But that wasn't the case here. And they had a massive and huge plot with the Apocalypse Twins, a whole lot going and the world blows up and everything, but it felt small. My main problem with this was, while other heroes made an appearance in the issues, the impact or conflict was all kept to this series. So when the hell was this all taking place? How come no one brings up that time a Celestial destroyed the planet. And then after all the shit hits the fan, it gets a magic wand fix and everything is back to normal. Hurray, I guess...? Look I got all the issues of this first run, I was here for the whole run and I wanted to be excited, I wanted to care. But I was just left with a feeling for so much more, and I was really hoping AXIS was going to be just that. 

I am a really happy camper when it comes to comic books in general, I don't like being a mean critic when it comes to this medium. But I can't sit here and tell you that the Spider-man Clone Saga is a must read or that Batman Knightfall were the best issues of the dark knight. And I can't tell you that AXIS: Avengers & X-Men was a good Marvel event. It was awful. And on an idea that could have been really good and could have made some classic moments, instead we are left with a device that helped change things and we are supposed to take them seriously, because clearly Marvel took their job seriously when they released this junk in the first place. When you realize what the story is doing, all the "permanent" changes that happen, you get the feeling this event was made just for that. How else could you explain the rushed job by all these extremely talented artist who have done some amazing work in the past and why they kept changing the artist issue to issue. The script had to be written in the bathroom in between other work that was taken more seriously, so long as key moments were made they didn't care much about the rest of it all. Look, I am really trying hard to understand the whole "inversion" thing. Good guys become bad guys and bad guys become good guys, right? But this is a subjective idea though, isn't? Every villain knows he is a hero in his own mind, that what they do is for some kind of greater good. So having the inverted heroes act like Saturday morning villain parodies was painful to read. And Carnage, well aware that he wanted to kill people but couldn't because he knew he had to be a good guy, that is basically Patrick Bateman in a nutshell. Which isn't a good at all, it's still a psychopath! And to have Scarlet Witch reveal that Magneto isn't hers or Pietro's father! That was me being done with the series. I finished it out of principal, but there wasn't anything to write home about. Except for Iron Man wanting to be evil and no one doing jack shit about it, because cupcakes. 

But hey Secret Wars is blowing this train wreck up anyways, so who cares?

I think the most disappointing thing about all this, is the amount of shits not giving in making this. If there was, I didn't see it or feel it. This was made to set up the new books, this was made to set up the movie and comic universe to be parallel to one and other. Sell a few comics while making these bogus and heartless set ups and call it a days work. Honestly, the biggest disappointment of last year as far as comics go. Don't get the collection, don't get any issues. Skip this event and stay clear of Uncanny Avengers latest run, save your money and your troubles. 

Really had to get that one off my chest. But what did you guys think about AXIS? Did you like it? Hey, I could be wrong about all of this. Let me know what you thought about it in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to the page for more comic book reviews, discussions and all that good old stuff. Got a lot of reading and drawing ahead these days, but stay tuned for more and more updates. So don't get inverted and keep chasing the storm!  

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