Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Game Ender: Super Kumite

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Hey there storm readers, so just a quick heads up before I start this review off, this is a look at Batman #36 and part 2 of the Endgame storyline. I just wanted to give a heads up that there might be a few spoilers here and there, so if you haven't read this one by now, go out and get going on this run of Batman. A lot of surprises are coming to the Dark Knight and you don't want to miss it! Also, I took a look at the first part of Endgame, you can read that review right here. But come back and see my take on everything that went down in this issue.

That said, round 2, fight!

So after the cliff hanger ending in issue 35, we start off this issue with another round in the Batman vs Superman chronicle of fighting. And I am guessing that maybe a few, not everyone, but a few fans of comics could be sick of this idea by now. Don't get me wrong, but this scene was done and done brilliantly in the classic Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns. You see a Batman that won't go down without a fight, we see Superman get his pretty perfect face turned to pulp and an overall classic fight that is part of comic book history as we know it. And it really did capture the hearts and imagination of many, people arguing this fight up and down. Not to mention DC Comics trying to find new and different ways to have these two, really good friends, go at it time and time again. Why can't they just be friends? Well not here, we have the Justice Buster ready Batman against an unhinged killer Superman. A lot of great things displayed here in this quick fight between the dark knight and the man of tomorrow, the idea that under the influence of someone as twisted as Joker, Superman is not going to care much about city damage and body count. This isn't Man of Steel Superman here, the Superman most of us knows to take the fight outside or to space, he is always aware of the little people. So that idea of making him a pure unstoppable killing machine, yeah that is something to worry about. But the best point and maybe the most important is a line Batman says as he and Superman fall down from the sky after using some hidden kryptonite; who wins in a fight between Batman and Superman...? No one does. And when you think about it, yeah, it's true. Regardless who wins, you have one really important hero out of the picture. You have a hollow victory over a friend, and an opportunity for all your real foes to come and pick off the bones. These guys make a way better team then they do as enemies. 

With the Justice League and Superman now out of the fight and healing up, Batman is now desperately trying to find Joker. Taking over all his friends and team mates, Joker has displayed that no one is out of his reach of influence and corruption, that Gotham will be taken over in a snap if Batman can't stop him. So on the hunt for the clown prince of crime, we see Batman back in the old Arkham Asylum at the old cell of his nemesis, looking for any hints or clues. And in comes Eric Border. A pretty recent new character, a medical staff of the new Arkham Asylum, always seemed like a pretty tame character, he would always say that everyone can be saved and such. Jokes on you...

Well played Joker. And well played Mr.Snyder. 

And God damn it, I hate to say it, but this a really awesome intro and design for Joker. I feel like this character gets enough air in his tires, but holy crap was this really great. Batman falls into the Jokers trap and we get a very creepy explanation to his latest plan and his reasoning, if we can even call it that, this guy is a psychopath after all. The best part of it all, this is only the beginning. The devil is here and is going to turn this city into his own kingdom of hell. Get hyped people, get hyped.

We also get more of the back story going on as well with the Arkham patients who have been looking for Joker, each with their own disturbing story in which the Joker has appeared before them as something more then human, a powerful influence of evil. But Joker is just a crazy guy...right? How much do we know about this guy anyway? Maybe that is the biggest joke of them all. There is more backstory as well in Batman Annual issue 3, so be sure to check that out and see how this all plays out in the Endgame. 

Okay so needless to say I am really looking forward to this storyline and see how it all plays out. While issue 35 gave us a big fight with heroes turned crazy, the reveal of Joker was really well played and makes me really excited to see what is going to happen next. The absolute landmark title for DC Comics right now, Batman is the series you want to be following issue per issue. As far as the mainstream big hero goes, you can't go wrong here. And you know I will be looking at all the rest of these issues as well, so come back and join in the conversation, what do you think about issue 36 of Batman? What do you think is really going with the Joker? Leave a comment below and let's talk about this. And be sure to check out all the other comic book related blogs and reviews coming up and already posted, until then keep chasing the storm!