Monday, 8 September 2014

Not Just a Game...

Quick blog post here guys, just a couple of links that I think everyone should take a look at which deal with some pretty big issues that have been going on in the Gaming Community and on the internet for sometime now, and that I feel could be very well direct towards comics as well. I highly suggest you give it a read and you share it with as many people as possible, we need to spread tolerance and knowledge across the mediums that we love. 

Storify Video Games

Video Games are for Everybody

I don't want to get into this too much, seeing as I am more of a comic book guy now in days but I just want to say my part. 

Humans are the most evolved species on the planet, but only because we can announce it and place a flag down. We are still years away from being an alpha species and in my opinion it is because of fear. We allow our self to be afraid and to hate on anything that is different. And it's stupid and territorial kind of fear; don't let a Hispanic man marry a white women, make sure your kid isn't gay and god forbid you let a woman write your pay check. This is all a load of crap that majority of "modern" society has been fed for years and years, and are taught to fight these "evils". This is ancient mentality and a new age is coming, an age of acceptance and compassion. But the old and new minds are at a verbal war, and take it from me, I don't really care about ever being "right" but when being right means saving the lives of thousand of LGTBQ youth in Eastern Europe or allowing a women to make a commentary on the current state of gaming, I will fight to be right. I feel that ignorance and a lack of education are the real enemies here, and that only together can we help and educate one and other on the grand importance of human rights and dignity. In other words, the right to live in peace.

Famous Chilean singer, Victor Jara.

Thank you guys, remember to spread love and tolerance everywhere you go. Keep chasing the storm. 

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