Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Storm is Coming...

It's almost here, the first weekend con of the year for me and my team in Spent Pencils. The time is this weekend and the place is the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the Toronto Comic Con! To say I am not excited would be an understatement, I am really happy to get back to the tables and the shows, this is what I love to do. To be able to draw beside some of the greatest people in my life, to see fellow artist friends in the community, get to meet new fans and reconnect with the first ones, all of it, I can't wait. It's time for me to take what I've learned in the last months since Ottawa and put it to good use, to take my game to the next level. So with that said, if you are going this weekend, come down to Artist Alley and come see all of us in Spent Pencils! We got a big long table, so you can't miss it, we are going to be at A31.

As you can see by the nice bright yellow label, that will be Spent Pencils section! We have a lot of talent at this table this weekend and even guys who will have there own tables as well in the Artist Alley section, so be sure to check them out as well. I am going to try and post on my recommendations on who and what to see at the con this weekend, but if I don't get to post it in time, go see every artist who loves what they do and give them the praise that they all deserve. 

As for me, well I will have plenty of my crazy cartoons and characters available to you. I've got a big selection of original sketch covers with plenty of Adventure Time mash ups and even original pieces as well on blank copies of Swamp Thing and Batman. And I will have more copies of my prints available as well, in case you missed the chance last year to pick some up. Plenty more Loki Lemongrab and Pokemon as well. Also I will be doing quick sketches for free and taking on commissions as well if you are looking for something unique and just for you. As well as with the purchase of any sketch cover (which range from 20-60) I will throw in a free ChileanStorm print of your choice, for this weekend! So deals and steals for you, come on by and get yourself a piece of the storm. 

Thank you again guys for reading this, please tweet this or link it or any kind of way of getting the word out to everyone going to show this weekend. Looking forward to this and I am ready to show you what I am all about. Also guys, new content on YouTube coming out on the Maddsketch channel and on Toby's channel as well, so check it out. I will see you this weekend, keep chasing the storm.