Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Winter blues...

"The cold never bothered me anyway."

A quote, said by no one...wait...what? Elsa? Frozen? What's that? An amazing incredible animated movie you say. Well let's take a look. 


Okay so let's go with, "wearing Iron Boots and layers upon layers of clothes is my idea of a good time". Pretty sure no one has said that...yet. And if that's you who is saying that, check your temperature. Seriously the winter can be fun and all, every now and then, in moderation mind you. But I am kind of over freezing my butt off at the bus station late at night waiting for one the buses to take me home. Call me weak if you will, I shall call you a Yeti. Or a Woompa. Whatever you like, you insane creature of the ice age. But I can really do without all of this, this cold and snow business. It's the kind of weather that makes me want to hibernate for the season, lord knows I've got enough games alone to keep me busy for atleast half a lifetime, if not more. And drawing and creating, well that's a no brainier for me. Comics, movies and music; I would be set. But alas, I am not a bear. Lucky bears. No, I've got grab my huge clunkers known as boots and zip up to go to work or to go out and see my friends and family. 

But snow and all, the show must go on. 

As it did this past Saturday at Comic Book Lounge. A good time was had by all of us from Spent Pencils, and it was great to catch up and chat with the other artist from the GTA, an amazing and talented bunch; Mike Rooth, Christoper Yao, Jason Loo, Sean Ward and The Joker Guy. It's an awesome feeling to be able to work in this world with you guys, we inspire one and other to keep pushing out the best and most unique kind of work in the country. Always a pleasure to get to see you gentlemen and catch up. And of course a big thank you to Kevin Boyd and all the staff at CBL for being amazing host. It's always a great time to go down to College street and see all the fantastic original comic book art on the wall, and the great collection of independent comics from all across the city. If you are ever in the area or looking for a new comic book store experience, give these a look for sure. 

That's all the time I've got for now, but I will be back later on today to let you know on two upcoming events this week and possibly drop a comic book review as well, going to be shooting a new episode of Time Well Spent and be recording a new podcast episode for the Twin Cast. If you still have yet to see these, I will place the links below, so please watch and subscribe, likes and comments are awesome as well. Thank you guys for your time, I will be back soon. Keep chasing the storm.


...and Cena Swing.