Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Road begins...

I want to start off with a notice, to everyone and anyone who doesn't know, in 3 months time it will be Fan Expo, the biggest geek fest in Canada and it will be my first time having a table with my incredible team, Spent Pencils. So yeah, kind of a big deal. What this means though, is that any sort of free time you thought I had, I really don't have it anymore, it's crunch time. And yes this means less natural sunlight and less partying, but at this moment I need to make my name known, and no one is going to do that for me but me, the time is now. But who knows, depending on how fast I finish projects maybe I can afford a day off or two, but looking at what's on my plate as far as work to be finished and the amount of content I want to push out by Fan Expo, not mention holding down a part time job on the side, my time is something I need to manage wisely. But know that my legend is only beginning and if you thought I was a pretty talented guy now, well, you haven't seen anything yet. 

I wanted to take this time now and lay out some goals for everyone to see and share in with me, I feel like this is a good way for you to keep track of what I am doing and for me to have an idea of what I will need to finish. With that said, these are just a few of the goals I have in mind...

•Finish and release an 8 to 10 page issue 0 of Glass Prison, my first self published project.
•Have the website for Glass Prison up and ready to be followed and prepare to have issue 1 ready.
•Have a weekly comic strip up and going, a slice of art life comic.
•Have ten different fully coloured prints available for sale.
•Be able to create a network of communication with social media for free random sketches.
•A personal business card, I need one of those.

We got big plans coming ahead, not only me but everyone in the Spent Pencils family, including a lot of new projects and new issues of current series that have been on going so far. And not to mention a lot of new fan art prints that will be available to you at various different shows and conventions during the spring and summer season, so be sure to follows us at these different shows and on the many different networks and websites. If you haven't by now, be sure to like us on Facebook and keep track on all SP related news. Also I will be posting the links to various different sites and pages you should be following, also look for me soon on YouTube. 

It's going to be a wild ride, but I will be sure to be updating this blog here more often, with news and also plugging various different artist and their projects as well. So tell your friends and be sure to follow up daily, the road starts here, lets get going!

Check this pages out, and tell your friends!