Sunday, 12 May 2013

Capital Punishment, Spent Style

This weekend I got the chance to go on a road trip to Ottawa with my art family Spent Pencils, this marking my first big road trip with the crew and my first big convention out of the general GTA area. Now granted this is going to cost me more then I may make, but honestly if I was in this business just for the money, I wouldn't be an artist. I know I am starting and I know my place in the large vast art world, I need to have patience and use this time to learn everything I can from my crew mates and other fellow artist friends, and learned I have. But I am loving this experience to grow and develop, and it's something every artist should enjoy. Take critic and suggestion with an extremely open mind and know your place, you may not be as high up as you think you may be. Honestly if I can give any real advice to young artist, it is to listen. 

But so far, I want to say thank you to everyone who came by our table and said hi, grabbed a business card and/or picked up some art from any of us here at the Ottawa Comic Con. Again thank you guys and gals for coming by, we honestly appreciate everyones love for the Spent way of art. Keep coming back at the next shows, we are only getting better and better. 

I must say though, Ottawa does feel like an upside down Toronto, everything feels out of place and a little further away then it should be. But I will say this, the downtown and the canal is absolutely gorgeous! And good on all the Sens fans for Sens Mile, we need to get our shit together in Toronto and make a Leafs Nation street. I hope the Maple Leafs can do the impossible and defeat Boston and have another round in the playoffs, easier said then done of course. 

Anyways, one last trip to the convention today and in a way it's going to be sad to leave, but it's the life that we live, after one show we got another to get ready for and on and on and on. Thanks for the memories Ottawa.