Monday, 27 May 2013


So I have been preparing a small side project last week and I am almost ready to get it out of the way and share it with the world. I wanted to give everyone here a sneak peak and a little inside scoop on what's it's going to be all about. The project name is Drawing Ideas Yeah, a strange name yes but there is a method to my madness. If you notice the acronym for the title is DIY, which is more commonly known to stand for Do It Yourself. See what I did there? The whole concept for this particular weekly comic is that it is to be done with the most basic of elements out there and available for you, paper and pens, the idea of simply getting down and drawing up a comic. And this will also be following my real life struggles in trying to bust out my first self published project and also some of my unreal adventures with the strange cats and characters in Toronto and in everyday life, so basically be ready for anything, or just about anything. Also, this does mean that you may appear in a few panels. Yes, you. Amazing isn't but just don't ask how soon is now, just wait for the surprise of it all, like life, you never know when it's going to happen. 

Okay that's enough talking, let's get to this preview, which is what everyone wants to see in the first place. And here we are...

But what's going on here? Well that's where you need to wait. But here it is, me in the ink, working away on my art, and yes, I do make a lot of faces, I call it being an animated person. But I hope that it can help and inspiring others while they work away on projects of there own, or even make you laugh a little at the silly little things we do, the way the world sees us and how we see the world in return. Granted this is through my little eyes and I am doing a lot more learning then any kind of teaching, but I still want to entertain and connect with everyone through arts and comics, so this is what I do. 

Anyways also I want to let everyone in the GTA know that me and the Spent Pencils crew will be at Image Comics on June 1st at the Streetsville Bread & Honey Festival this Saturday, drawing and sketching all day and of course plenty of shenanigans to be had all day. So come on out and get some original art and sketches, also free sketches with purchases over $20 at Image Comics. I will be posting the link down below for more information and directions, so be there this Saturday and get spent! 

Anyways that's all the day I got tonight, got to be back up early tomorrow morning but I will be back sometime in the week, remember to leave a comment below and to follow me and the SPC on our Facebook page by giving us a like on the page. And be sure to follow me here for more art and comic related news. Thanks again for your time, good night world!