Saturday, 25 May 2013

Art Show gets Spent

Last night here in the culture corner of Queen street at the TOTA bar & lounge, I was honored to be able to take part in and share the evening with Spent family and friends. This night we were taking part in the Superheroes Invade Toronto art show created by the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture, with a portion of the evening's proceeds from the art sale being donated to support community art programs at Kapisanan. The theme involved placing well known superheroes like Batman, Iron Man, Superman, Wolverine and many more interacting in different landmarks in the city of Toronto. The four artist for the evening were proudly artists from Spent Pencils, these guys are not only mentors and friends to me, but my big brothers. The four artist are...

Kevin Briones: The Go-Man himself! With a style unique and distinctly Kevin's, here's a guy that every aspiring comic book artist should look up to. Already 3 issue in and a fourth issue on it's way, Kevin is constantly working hard day in and day out. And if you haven't read it already, find copies of Go-Man at plenty of different stores located through out the GTA.

Oliver CastaƱeda: This man is a beast with his art, this man should be the next president. He can draw anything you can possibly think of and he really loves any kind of art challenge. No seriously, anything you could imagine, like Galactus eating the Death Star while being attack by a star fleet. He can do it. And he can sing. That's pretty awesome too. 

Paul Limgenco: He can make your jaw drop in more ways then one, through martial arts or the less pain and more awe inspiring way of bringing comic art to life, honestly his ability to bring characters to life is unreal through paint and expression, it's incredible. He's also the most photogenic one of us all. 

 Vince Sunico: Bow down to the king of kings! If I told a younger version of myself that I would be able to work with a man as talented and as hard working as captain Sunico, I wouldn't believe it and I couldn't wait to actually get there. So much talent and amazing skill, and also a great mentor to me and many of the young pencilnecks. He got here through hard work and determination and with a little motto, big girls don't cry.

As you can see from these works, these guys are talent, and I think the most important lesson that I've learned from them is that any kind of skills or talent from them all stems from hard work, hours and hours into a labor of love. You have to have a passion and really love what you do, and you see it in there works. If you missed out last night, you can always meet them and all of the artist of Spent Pencils at many of the upcoming events that we will be attending, I will be posting the dates down below. And a big thanks to everyone who came out last night, to TOTA bar for being awesome hosts, to Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture for bringing this idea to life, and to Guerrilla Printing and Comic Book Lounge for the support. And of course another round for all the artist and the amazing work that was created. But also be sure to like us on Facebook, or subscribe to the blog here for more news and updates. If you have any questions or comments leave right below and I will get back to you. Also one more day of Anime North left, so be sure to go by the artist alley and see some of the amazing work by SP's anime master, Gen Ishihara. She's been working hard all month long and this weekend has been hell of a busy, so bring some coffee or candy and say hi. Also be sure to stay tuned here for more news and blogs for all art related things, this storm is just starting. Thanks again guys and see you soon! 


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