Friday, 10 April 2015

Avenge Them to Hell...

A hockey fan first, I am rooting for the Flames over the Canucks.
I was trying to think of some of the many ways we can all gush and talk about the awesome that is Daredevil, not just the incredible series that is now on Netflix, but the character that has taken part of many comics. I was thinking of different ideas for a potential blog, like maybe a top 10 list of sorts, but to be honest I am not sure if I am able to do that yet, with some many Daredevil books out there, I can't pick which are the best or the most important, it's something I really got to think about. So what I will be doing is suggesting different books, and these I feel for me are some of my favourite reads of this series and character. But that's going to be later in the week, today I wanted to talk about in my opinion the best issue of a series that Daredevil joins in on, and this has been rare for him in all his years, so it's a pretty special moment to me. A few years ago there was a pretty big Marvel event, Fear Itself, which had Nazi robot armies and Asgardian serpents making a mess of things. And it was during this event, in issue 16 of New Avengers when things go from pretty cool to the greatest thing since sliced bread. I was thinking about it and I've got to say, this issue alone was probably the best issue of Daredevil that isn't a Daredevil book. He has had run in over the years with Spider-man, Punisher, Ghost Rider and many other characters and series, but everything about this issue helps to remind everyone how incredible the man without fear really is.

So it needs to be said this has got to be one of my favourite works from Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato Jr, two guys who have been doing a lot of work in comic books for some years now. But this issue, I couldn't even believe it, seeing Daredevil on the cover of a New Avengers book. The issue itself has a clever if not a bit gimmicky set up, with all the team mates doing a behind the scenes like commentary on the events of Fear Itself and also on the whole team, on who deserves to be an Avenger. I like the idea set up, especially since over the years there have been quite a few different Avengers team, and I feel like they are all worthy of being Avengers. So seeing a generally strictly solo heroes get thrown into the mix, it's interesting seeing how valuable Daredevil becomes to the team. You also get a pretty good lesson in why Daredevil is a one guy you just don't mess, no matter how many giant Nazi robots you bring to a fight. Page by page, panel by panel, so many incredible shots of Daredevil being incredible, some of my absolute favourite pages of all time here in this issue. Especially one shot of him just walking into Avengers Mansion, shadows used to create one the most fearsome looking Daredevil images ever. Absolutely stunning work here by Deodato Jr. 

I don't want to give out to many details on this one, mainly because the experience of reading it for any Daredevil fan, old or new, will be an awesome one with each page. So yeah, look for this book at your local comic book shop or at the next convention, and if you can't wait this issue is available on  the Marvel App, so you can download it right away and get to reading it. It's worth the price. 

But more importantly I am going to go look through all my Daredevil books and issues and see which are the best recommendations of the bunch. But as a general idea, if you like what you saw on Netflix this past weekend, then get yourself some Daredevil comics, the current run by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee is really good and a personal favourite of all the series that I am currently following. Just know that Daredevil is working out in San Fransico right now, but the series remains true to the man without fear. And just in case, be sure to read my past blog post here. I describe my past and my absolute dedication to this character and why, so check it out. So keep tuned here Storm Clouds, and remember you can leave a comment below or follow me on Twitter (@ChileanStorm) to start some conversation. Until then, keep chasing the storm.