Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Game Ender...

I think everyone has their own version of a devil and an angel on their shoulders, appearing in times of making a big decision, when you have to do the right thing or something to that degree. Whenever I sit down and decide to do a comic book review, I generally go to my Marvel collection and try to find a book that I want to share with everyone. But then I hear it, the little voice of DC Comics. A small whimper, a plea that says, I've got great comics to you know. You do? Sure. Really? Batman. You can't go wrong with the Batman. It actually surprises me a bit on how incredibly successful the Batman franchise alone is, that series and all the characters to come out of that world are an absolute gold mine. I love the Detective Comics series, I enjoyed the Dark Knight series, the new Batgirl is shaping up and a lot of the different Batman comics just kick ass. So I decided I would do some Batman today, and we are going to be taking a look at the next big event for this flagship series from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, End Game. 

First off though, I want to make something perfectly clear here, there will be massive man boob spoilers here. But I think at this point everyone knows what's up.

It's issue 35 for this run of Batman and so far we have seen Batman go through the Court of Owl and the Year Zero event. Not to mention the big event that was, Death to the Family. And I wanted to address my feelings on that event in particular before I talk about this issue. While the story was an interesting idea, looked great and had some pretty kick ass moments, the sum of it all was...not much. Maybe I missed something here, but after all the issues and the crossover issues as well, he gets everyone together for a dinner and makes it seem like they all got defaced permanently. And the only "death" happen after the whole event. Joker came, Joker went. I was just wondering what was the point of it all. 

So after a year long event in Zero Year, we come back to find Bruce Wayne looking for his long lost foe, The Joker. The last time he saw him was in the Batcave, when he fell down the waterfall, so he could be anywhere at this point. But be careful what you ask for, you might just get it or something much worse, like the entire Justice League in your city and ready to skin you alive. The first one into the action is Wonder Woman, smashing through the glass and forcing Batman into a Hulkbuster kind of suit, will call it Superbuster...? (Note: Superman called it "Justice Buster" that is a better name now that I think about it) You figure it's made to deal with the Man of Steel, so might as well call it something to that degree. But apparently he has something for everyone of the league members, and we get to see it play out against Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman. Then Superman arrives, and the picture becomes very clear, the Joker has infiltrated the mind of Batman's friends. Well shit.

So in general, how do I feel about this issue overall? Well, I got to say Greg Capullo has been extremely consistent in delivering amazing looking issues time and time again. Great designs on all the characters, weapons vehicles and the world in general. And he has done a lot of different theme so far with each story, and it works. He can captured the creepiness when he needs to and show the kick ass moments of being Batman. When judging this book and this story, we need to look over to Scott Snyder. My beef with this story so far, is the way Batman deals with his friends turned enemies. A rope of lies to trick Wonder Woman, okay makes sense to a degree, except the whole when did get his hands on such a legendary weapon. He brings Aquaman back to being a laughing stock by covering him in bubble gum. Legit. That's all it takes. King of Atlantis everyone. But then we get to the Flash and I am not quite sure what rules apply to him now in the New 52, because last I remember, this was a guy who can turn people into dust with one touch. He must be de-powered now, which would explain how a batarang caught up with him and took him out. I need to figure this out. But I don't get it, why nurf Flash but keep Superman as a walking God. Maybe this why I am not getting paid to write comics, I don't know. And don't get me wrong, this is a great set up and a great build up in general, I just really hope this will lead up to something. An end, a conclusive answer to the fight between Joker and Batman, something. Here's hoping though. And also it goes without saying, this is the premier Batman book on shelves, this is the series you follow. 

So there you have it, I will be doing every issue of the End Game plot, so be sure to come back and check often. I really hope for this to be a modern day classic. But hey, what do you think? Are you enjoying this story so far? Also, any comments or book suggestions, let me know, I love to hear back from you guys. I will be back as soon as possible and do the best I can to keep this engine running. Until then, keep chasing the storm! 

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