Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Bright and Scary Future...

So I guess y'all wondering why I am doing one of the DC Comics "Futures End" issues, now in December and all. Well if you don't know, I review any book at any time, that's never a problem for me, I mean I generally pick up my books every two weeks, so half of those would be brand new. Also it has come to my concern, maybe, that I might have too many bats on my brain. I've got five series and they all deal with Batman in some way or form, so practically all my reviews for DC books would be Batman based, and I don't know, part of me feels like that would get a bit boring. Another thing I wanted to mention before I get started on the review, I was thinking about blasting Batgirl #37, but I don't think I am the guy to do it. I am really upset with that issue, considering everything that series has done in taking progressive steps forward, this feels like a massive fall. But the writers did apologizes and I hope it is legit, because I did enjoy the first two issues of this new team. However any time anyone or any group is shamed or portrayed in poor taste, you can't sit by and accept it. The Trans community is doing everything it can to break into society, to become an integrated and important piece to the evolution of the human race, to educate many who have no idea on what it means to be a transgender individual. I have a few friends who are trans, including my best friend, these are people I love dearly and for them I won't stop in educating and spreading the word on these issues, because they matter. If you want to read a good review, click the link here and check it out, you will get a better understanding on how this issue came off as an insult and more importantly as a disappointment. And if you need to educate yourself more, and I highly suggest you do, go here and learn more on this topic.

Okay, comic book review time. 

So today I wanted to review Futures End: Sinestro, which gives us a story that takes place in a possible future of the current ongoing Sinestro series. All of the Futures End stories in all the different books shows us a possibility that is yet to come, events that take place based on moves made in the past. Of all the ones I have, I really enjoyed this one though. Sinestro has always had a Magneto feel to me, while cruel and cold blooded, I don't think the character is by any means a true villain. I will say this, both characters have done some terrible and horrible things, but these guys won't deny that or try to sugar coat things. Too often I feel we try to find excuses and reasons on why we may have hurt others or did something wrong, Sinestro knows why he did it and would do it again if given the chance. Needless to say after reading Geoff Johns run on Green Lantern, it was hard not to fall in love with this bad guy. Not to mention his main power stems from "fear" and he has teamed up with my all time favourite DC Comics bad guy, the Scarecrow. Those two need to team up again soon. 

The story begins in a future with Sinestro caught and locked up in a prison for the worst of the worst in the galaxy, down but not out we find out Sinestro has got a plan. And while his main power source has always been the yellow light of fear, we get to see him tap into another source of power. And always trust in this guy when he says that he has a plan, as you see as the story progresses, everything needed to happen and everything needed to be in the right place. The pay off is the end, and man, it's a good one.  I highly suggest all Green Lantern fans check this one out, an excellent read for a great and classic character. And considering this is a one shot issue, the narrative is really good in telling us a story on this possible future. It ends and begins, a well structured story of redemption and revenge. And while he is no Ivan Reis, Igor Lima should be given plenty of credit for bringing the story to life, a lot of great details and plenty of action on the pages, great presentation for this book. And while I could complain on how everything eventually works out for our main character, it's nice to see the bad guy win every now and then. 

As a stand alone book, it's worth a look at the very least. But if you are collecting GL books, if this isn't in your collection, pick it up and get started on the Sinestro series in general. In a world of thousand different Lantern characters of all the different colour spectrum, it is easy to see why Sinestro stands out as the greatest of them all...according to him of course.

Well there you have it, DC Tuesdays has come and gone, but remember we will be seeing more and more Batman content, but I will see if I could start something, not so Batman-ish. It will be hard, but I can't make any promises. But I asks you guys, which of the Futures End books did you like the most? I've got a few more as well, so I can do another next week as well if you guys want. Also anything good from DC Comics that isn't tied to the six degrees of Batman? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter or Tumblr. Bonus points for messenger pigeons. That's all the time I've got for now, until then, keep chasing the storm! 

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