Monday, 1 September 2014

Shuma Mighty

There is a lot that can be said about the current and new Mighty Avengers team that is now part of the current Marvel Now of comics. Another Avengers team, I thought we already had like 10 of them. Or hey, a cool new multicultural team of heroes kicking ass on the streets. Or why not just call them Marvel Knights? But of all the things out of the first arc here of Mighty Avengers, my personal favourite part of all this is that during the Infinity fight that is taking place in New York, we find these heroes fighting off no other then the God of Chaos himself, Shuma-Gorath. Can you say, hells yes. 

We start issue 3 with the currently released Shuma-Gorath wrecking havoc on Times Square. If you don't know much about this one eyed monster, well he is a classic villain of Doctor Strange. A being of absolute power, he generally has to be summoned by some evil magic user, or in this case a mind controlled Doctor Strange. But gamers may remember him from plenty of the Marvel vs Capcom games, and I for one, always thought he was a really kick ass character. He is a one eyed tentacle monster from a chaos universe, how is that not awesome! So with Shuma-Gorath wrecking the entire city up, our heroes are trying to work together and figure something out. We got Luke Cage, Superior Spider-man, Spectrum and Spider-hero...? It's someone relatively important in a store bought costume, it's pretty funny actually. They also get some help in this issue from White Tiger, Power Fist and Blue Marvel. This I am guessing will be the first line up to the new Mighty Avengers team. And they work really well together, especially considering what they are up against. You get to see most characters use their abilities and even help one and other out, a classic presentation of super hero teamwork. But do they save the day? Not going to spoil that for you, so you should check it out! 

It goes without saying, I like Mighty Avengers. It's a different team, but it's one that has a more human connection then the other Avengers team, and I really like that. When reading comics, I really don't want to see how godly a super hero can be, honestly I could careless about freeze breath, laser eyes and crapping gold bricks. The more powerful a character is the less I feel like I should care. And while Blue Marvel seems like a Superman, I like the fact that he is more brain then brawn.  We know Blue Marvel has power, but he has the knowledge and wisdom not to abuse it. So I highly suggest you give Mighty Avengers a chance if you are looking for a group of heroes that are really down to Earth. And I assure that is more then a play on words.

So go out and get your self some Mighty Avengers, they are only up to issue 13 as of writing this, so it's enough time to catch up with the current stories. Or get the collection as well, a very cool way to see how New York City and the world deals with the Infinity and Inhumanity events of the Marvel universe.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestion, let me know below or on any of the many forms of social media! That's all the time I've got, until then keep chasing the storm! 

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