Friday, 30 May 2014

Rap Nub...

So I kinda shit you not, you know how I said I've been really restless and going kind of crazy. Well tonight and again I kid you not, I have decided to try my hand at remembering Eminem's Rap God. Why? Well why not? I mean this is a statement kind of song, and damn it's one hell of a great track to be honest. And hey coming from a Pansexual dude, I know he says "fag" a lot in this song but since it's technically used as an insult to other rappers and this album is a throwback to an album that came out in 2001, when the world was still kind of homophobic, I am willing to give it a little bit of a break. It's an awful word to use but the character of Slim Shady is supposed to be the worst kind of guy on the planet; drunk driving, drug abuse and kills his wife. Not exactly a guy you want to invite to the office holiday parties.

I remember having Sketch (or as you may know him as Maddsketch) play this track in his car. Man I couldn't believe the speed on this track and how sharp his tongue is on this track. He insults and slaps everyone in the face in one track, all the while making references to his inspirations and heroes and even make a few notable comic book related references. How could you not love it? 

So that leads me to tonight, I am listening to this track while reading the lyrics and trying to get the timing and the words right. Not easy though. It's the way he says the words and the speed he is speaking at as well. But I will say this, it's a crazy little exercise that's for sure! Anywho got to get some rest before tomorrow, I got a Starbucks shifts, then over to the print shop, a local comic book launch party and a very special get together with friends for some wine and Mario Kart 8! And remember to keep locked here on this blog, going to try and post as much as I can, a way to help guide my mind. Keep chasing the storm!

...or in this case, why be a wind when you can be a storm.