Sunday, 2 March 2014

Beast is Always Hungry...

Mother nature, make up your mind sweetheart. I really don't mind clear skies or snow or even rain. Just next time, pick one for the day. Okay. Thanks.

That said, another event down and for the books. Today we were out in Brampton, drawing for fans of the Brampton Beast. Apparently this is the farm team of the farm team of the Tampa Bay Lighting. So you are 10 degrees separated from playing on the top line with Stamkos or St.Louis. That's pretty cool, when you think about it. But come hell or high snowy winds, we drove out to the Powerade Centre and set up for the night. I would like to thank Maddsketch, Vince and Nich for being good sports and getting into the hockey mood by rocking some of my hockey jerseys. I let Maddsketch rock my Alternative black Chicago Blackhawks jersey (one of my favourite designs of all time), Vince represent in the vintage San Jose Sharks jersey and Nich looked great in the old Buffalo Sabres jersey. Me, I had to rock the old blue and white Toronto Maple Leafs. Although that does remind me, I need to get the Winter Classics jersey soon. I mean we won the game, so we got some good memories with that one. I got to sit right next to the awesome duo behind one of the best independent books currently out there, Ricky Lima and Shane Heron, the talents that create the Black Hole Hunters Club. I can't stress this enough, get this book. Seriously. It's an excellent and incredible look piece of work, a lot of fun to read and with a big cast of crazy characters. I am going to write up a more in depth review later, but when you get a chance, get these books. And tell them, ChileanStorm sent you. But it was a good time for sure, a big thanks to Stadium Comics for having us and to the Brampton Beast. Spent Pencils, we will draw anywhere and any time. It's what we do.

Afterwards we decided to pay a visit to my little brother, Toby. Poor dude had to work today and he was really under the weather, so what better cure then blueberry tea, chips and some Blue Mountain State. This is a football based comedy about jocks from Spike, and let me be the first to say, it is awesome! It's on Netflix right now and you probably turned your nose at it in passing. But I can honestly say it's a lot of fun to watch, it's got the raunchy college comedy thing down. It accomplishes what so many movies and TV shows have tried to do in the past, but have fumbled on. Yes, it's portrayal of both men and women is really sexist and over the top, but you need to watch this with a light heart and mind. It's got some great series running gags, an awesome casts and one of the best openings I've seen in a while. Just makes you want to grab a cold beer and chug. But seriously, check this show out.

Well that was my day, it's been a long day. Be on the look out for the latest episode of Time Well Spent and the Twin Cast. Also we did a photo shoot last night, so I will share those with you guys on my page here and other social media pages like Tumblr and Instagram. Going to be taking part in the day long Comic Book Jam challenge, it's going to be a good test to see if I can get something done in that time frame. I can't wait. Also, I have been tested with the challenge of realism and portraits. So will see how that goes, but I got to give it a try after all. Thank you again guys, be sure to comment and subscribe to the page and be sure to let you friends know all about me and the entire Spent Pencils crew. Keep chasing the storm.