Friday, 5 July 2013

Spent for YouTube

Put this in your tube and watch it! 

You want some content? We got content right here! In efforts to connect with you, yes you, we've been hitting up YouTube with a lot of different videos and I got some of the updates and links right here for you, but I implore you to subscribe to our channels, give a like and leave a comment, the feedback is super important to us, so please do some interacting! I swear we don't bite. So as you may or may not know, the main channel to get a lot of sweet artist and comic book content is the MaddSketch channel, so click and enjoy the various different shows, like Doodle Tuesdays and The Sequentials. You can also watch yours truly on Time Well Spent, if you haven't seen it yet we got 4 episode up, so watch and see what you think. I will be posting up the video down here as well. You can also watch both me and Tiffany on our own YouTube channels; Tea Em will be vlog-ing and will also looking through more comics that have a personal connection, not to mention doing video gaming as well, so check her out for sure! On the ChileanStorm, I will be doing just vlogs and updates, I have thought of going through my collection of games and comics and share them with all you. So you want more TWS awesomeness, subscribe to our channels and love us more then that goldfish you got last year at the Ex.

As promised earlier here it is, episode 4 of Time Well Spent! It does end a bit early on us, but we wanted to encourage more interaction with the channel, so if you are reading this, please a like and a comment, it won't kill you right? And tell your friends! 

And here is the brand new episode of Sequentials! This was done during the 100th episode of Unboxing Wednesdays, and has a great collection of amazing and creative talent, so give it a watch!

And here is my own quick video vlog I did on Wednesday at Silver Snail, for July Well Spent. I could have made it longer, but it happens. And I will post one by the end of the day as well, so stay tuned for that. 

So there you go, plenty to watch here and on all of our channels, we are not stopping with giving you as much content as we can and all three of us have comics in the works and online as well, be sure to check out Tiffany's Tales of Lost, which up right now and updated every week. So be sure to subscribe to that page as well. Alright everyone, that's all the time I got for now, and I got to get ready for all the events this weekend! So stay tuned, and keep watching the Storm!