Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Ready, Spent, Go!

Breathe deep and breathe in, I got a big day tomorrow and it will be the kick off for the next week and well the next month as well. And what ends in July will only bring on August and the big show at the end of that month, so this will be my hardest working month ever. Not to mention the story I need to finish and the content I want to provided all of you every single day. This isn't going to be easy by any means, I also need to make money for my responsibilities and my debts. But at the end of the day, this is what I want to do, I want to be part of this world and I want to leave my mark as well, and I don't want to stop. It's work yes and I have a responsibility, but I am having a hell of a good time! I am meeting new friends, I am finding great new stories, I am learning new techniques to improve as an artist, but more importantly I get to do this everyday and that to me is a gift. That being said here is a rundown of what's going on this month...

July Well Spent +Silver Snail : Starting tomorrow the Spent Pencils crew will be at the iconic Toronto comic book store, and will be there every Wednesday and Saturday for the month of July. And tomorrow it will kick off with the Go-Man, Kevin Briones and Paul "Amazing Just The Way He Is" Limgenco and this guy, the ChileanStorm, Alvaro Cruz. I am so hyped for this show, I can't wait to get down and do some drawings! And here is a listing for the rest of the days, but honestly be there for all these days of good times with the greatest art group in the GTA.  
Wednesday, July 3
Kevin Briones, Alvaro Cruz, Paul Limgenco

Day 2: Saturday, July 6
Kevin Briones, Briana Chan, Oliver Castaneda

Day 3: Wednesday, July 10
Aaron Ong, Vince Sunico, Daniel Wong

Day 4: Saturday, July 13
Joe Osei Bonsu, Aaron Ong, Mark Williams, Dave Edwards

Day 5: Wednesday, July 17
Gemal Plummer, Briana Chan, Vince Sunico

Day 6: Saturday, July 20
Oliver Castaneda, Arnold Trinidad, Tiffany Medeiros

Day 7: Wednesday, July 24
Mark Feltham, Daniel Wong, Gemal Plummer

Day 8: Saturday, July 27
Briana Chan, Khanh Nguyen, Joe Osei Bonsu

Day 9: Wednesday, July 31
Alvaro Cruz, Mark Feltham, Khanh Nguyen

And then as the week goes on we got an event in the city of Mississauga, the Paper Road. We will be there all weekend at Mississauga Celebration Square lending a helping hand and getting everyone involved with drawing on the large paper road. So don't be shy and be inspired to add your art to the bigger picture. This will be held from Thursday to Sunday in the evenings, so drop by! 

And on Saturday we will also be out in Orangeville, at Gauntlet Comics! We will be there all day drawing and sketching away for you, so come on down and get some unique art! Also it's always a great time at Gauntlet Comics! 

And that's what we got for July so far, but more events are on the horizon so stay tuned here or like Spent Pencils on Facebook, so you can stay tuned for all SP related news and updates. I got go get ready, big day tomorrow, I can't wait, hope to see you all there!