Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A ChileanStorm Update

Okay so I know it's been a few days without a post and I feel like I needed to update everyone on what's been going here specifically in Toronto. Now I didn't think it was that bad, but little did I know how strong this storm was. Yeah, the ChileanStorm was drowned by the actual storm, the irony, you got to love it. Needless to say I got out of work pretty late, not to mention that it took me, no jokes, over 5 hours to get home. Keep in mind on a good day, when I can catch all the right trains on time, it will take me about 30 minutes. And in this time, non stop rain. And I didn't have it as bad as others all over the GTA, some commuters had to literally swim out of the trains, while others abandon their vehicles on the highway. When I got back home I realized all of Etobicoke was covered in darkness, like absolute and pure darkness. I have never seen anything like it, I got to say one of the most surreal things I have ever seen. So needless to say, my day was wasted. The power being out also made getting to and back from work a lot longer, so basically that's two days that were wasted. Now granted, I feel like it was on me a little bit here. I think I should have done at least a little something, but as one of my favourite sayings go, you can catch up with yourself if you run. 

So what do I have in store for all of you awesomely amazing readers, well for starters if you haven't read it yet, I just posted a blog on the second volume of the amazingly good Saga, when you get a chance click here to read it. It's a long read, so I hope you enjoy it. In the next few days, I am going to take a look at a couple different books that I have been reading, this including many brand new series like Deadpool Kills Deadpool, Daredevil: Dark Nights, New Avengers, B.P.R.D Vampire, Sheltered, and The Emerald City of Oz. So if you are curious on any of these books or series, stay tuned for plenty of ChileanStorm coverage! And also let me know about any awesome books that you think that I should be reading. I always love a good book suggestion! 

I also got a few episodes up for the Storm VLOG series that I am doing, and you can see all past episodes right here. But I did upload an episode today over at Silver Snail Comics, so you can see that right here and right now! Please be sure to give a like, a comment and subscribe to the channel, I want to bust out as much content as I possible can everyday, so stay tuned. Another way for you to stay in touch with this comic loving Chilean artist.

And now that we are on the topics of events a big thanks to Gauntlet Comics out in Orangeville for being amazing hosts as always, and to everyone who came out and spent some time with all the Spent Pencils artist. We love being invited to do these events, and we can't wait to come back and bring the noise. And a big thanks to everyone who participated in the Paper Road event this past weekend, I hope everyone enjoy the films and being able to help make some amazing art. Rain and all we stayed until the end, I hope we inspired many to keep on drawing. So what do we have in store for the future days, well we still got the July Well Spent days going on all of this month at Silver Snail Comics. Don't forget every Wednesdays and Saturdays, three different artist from Spent Pencils will be on hand to draw any and all unique art, a lot of sketch covers were taken care of already, so don't miss out on this amazingly cool opportunity. And also this Saturday I will out and about in Port Colborne, Ontario to help out in the fundraising event, Jace Wars. This event will be raising money for Ronald McDonald House Hamilton ad brain tumor research. Me and some my fellow pencilnecks will be drawing and taking donations to raise some funds, so come on out and help out this great cause. We hope to see everyone come on out and take part!

Well that's what I got, I hope it makes up for those two lost days, I will be back tomorrow for sure, this is a storm you can count on. And remember to be sure to subscribe to the page and leave a comment, don't be a stranger.  Follow my Twitter and Instagram as well for up to the minute updates, thanks for taking the time to read this crazy little blog, lots of love and keep chasing the storm.